We are able to supply the full range of tomato products ranging from Peeled Plum & Chopped to Passata & Pizza Sauce. We distribute over 25,000 tonnes of Tomato products imported from Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and China.

For the Catering sector, Riverdene is probably the UK’s No. 1 brand and we have the most extensive range available, in both cans and pouches. We are a leading supplier of bulk tomato ingredients into the manufacturing sector, servicing some of the country’s largest ready meal, soup and sauce companies.

We service food manufacturing, catering and food service from leading European factories.

  • Peeled Plum Tomatoes
  • Chopped Tomatoes
  • Crushed Tomatoes
  • Pizza Topping
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Tomato Paste
  • Passata
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes
  • Cherry Tomatoes


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