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Fish and Meat Fish and Meat Fish and Meat Fish and Meat
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Our Tuna is only imported from BRC, Dolphin-Safe factories.

The Riverdene brand for Tuna is specially packed to a high specification, with a high drained weight. We have the full range of pack sizes available, such as the retail sizes of 185g & 400g cans, the 1705g and 1880g cans for the catering market, and the 2.9kg pouch pack and 3kg cans for food manufacturing.

We have Riverdene Pink Salmon in stock and we source different packs of Anchovies and Sardines to meet our customers' demands.

Riverdene canned Pork Shoulder is produced to rigorous standards in Belgium and has wide application in the UK food industry.

Product Information Shelf Life

Product Information Table

Stock Code Brand Product Pack Pack Type Plt Qty No of layers Layer Qty Net wt. of Can
Spiced Pizza Sauce
6 x 3kg
8  7 3KG