Some interesting and not so interesting facts about Martin Mathew & Co Ltd

  • We sell over 85,000,000 jam portions per year
  • We import over 25,000,000kg of Processed Tomatoes per annum
  • We import from over 25 countries
  • Martin Mathew & Co is named after the 2 sons of the founder, Matthew was spelt wrong at registration
  • We have over 250 combined years of tomato trade knowledge
  • KYKNOS is the No.1 Tomato Paste brand in Greece
  • The majority of staff support Spurs, followed by Arsenal, West Ham, Man U, Liverpool & Watford
  • Grant has won both the 14/15 and 15/16 MM Fantasy Football leagues
  • Menz & Gasser are the biggest Jam portion pack producer in Europe
  • Martin Mathew & Co employ 38 people.
  • Riverdene brand, was named after the founder Jim Donnelly's family house

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